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Knowledge + Understanding


My ability to easily understand, coach and motivate diverse populations, comes from my education and experience as a Health Coach, athlete, unhealthy teenager and my family upbringing.




My mission is to help people train for 1 hour so that they can thrive in the other 23 hours of their life. I call this the 1 to 23 Ratio.

About Me

Early Years

My path to becoming a Health Coach began as a chubby, unhealthy teenager. During this time, my father taught me how to exercise. This helped to transform my body, but more importantly, it helped to improve my confidence, focus, and relationship with my father. These changes left an impression on me at a young age and inspired me to help others in a similar way. Consequently, I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education & Health at the University of Toronto, where I also played on the Varsity football team. A year later, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and started my company,

Marlon Teekah Personal Training.


Community Involvement & Career Growth

Shortly after launching my company, I began volunteering with charities that serve communities that need, but cannot afford, the cost of a private coach. These included people that are homeless, families living in low-income housing and youth on the Autism spectrum. Through these efforts, I was hired by George Brown College to teach students with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities. These changes in my career led me to return to U of T to complete my Masters in Kinesiology. 

Putting It All Together

 All of the life experiences I have been through have enabled me to understand, coach and motivate a wide range of people to develop the concept “1 to 23 Ratio”. This idea is the purpose of my company and emphasizes how 1 hour of training can help someone thrive in the other 23 hours of their life.


-Owner and Health Coach, Marlon Teekah Personal Training (Current)

-Professor in College Vocational Program, George Brown College (Previous)

-Director, Exercise To Success, Not For Profit Organization (Previous)


-Registered Kinesiologist

-Masters Degree in Professional Kinesiology, University of Toronto

-Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, University of Toronto

-Certified Personal Trainer, Canadian Fitness Professionals

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