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Too Much + Too Little


The best athletes in the world have coaches who push them further than they can by themselves. The key to achieve this in a safe, supportive and effective manner is to find the fine line between pushing my clients “too much” and “too little”.


In-Home or Online Personal Training


Work with me to have accountability, a personalized program and receive motivation to safely push yourself beyond your comfort zones. Choose between One-on-One or Two-on-One Training at your home or online.

Personal Training


Group Personal Training


I can work with your group to create and lead a program that combines both individual and team drills. This format will allow us to build synergy from the group environment and enable the group to become healthier and feel more connected with each other.

Group Personal Training
Group Training- School, Corp (6).JPG

Professional Speaking

As a presenter, I speak passionately to audiences providing applicable information about how to live healthily and obtain a fulfilling career, which motivates individuals and teams to thrive in their own lives.

Professional Speaking
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Current and Previous Organizations I have worked with include

1 Hour +

23 Hours

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